Eight organisations to benefit from annual fundraiser

Hamilton, Bermuda, February 29th 2024: Money raised during this year’s Convex End-to-End fundraiser will benefit eight organisations, it was announced yesterday.

Funds raised will go towards Raleigh International, Action on Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Transformational Living Centre, WindReach and the Coalition for the Protection of Children.

St John’s Ambulance, the Horticultural Skills Programme and the top participating school will also receive funds from this year’s event.

Who will benefit from the 2024 Convex End-to-End:

Raleigh International helps young people develop life skills and self-confidence through overseas expeditions, local training and continued coaching.

Action on Alzheimer’s and Dementia advocates and provides training and activities for those on the island suffering from dementia.

Transformational Living Centre is a purpose-driven housing facility that seeks to address homelessness among families with children in Bermuda and makes provisions to accommodate secure emergency housing needs.

WindReach enriches the quality of life for people with diverse needs.

The Coalition for the Protection of Children raises public awareness of children’s issues, advocates for families and provides services which address critical but unmet needs.

St John’s Ambulance offers life-saving medical training programmes and provides medical coverage at public events.

The Government’s Skills Development Programme teaches people aged 19 to 25 horticulture and landscaping techniques.

Anne Mello, chair of the Bermuda End-to-End Charitable Trust, said: “Our charities are well-known, reputable and addressing the pressing needs of the Bermuda community.

“Since its inception, the End-to-End Charitable Trust has donated more than $6.7 million to local charities.”

Ms Mello thanked the event’s corporate sponsors, including its lead sponsor for the third year Convex, as well as platinum sponsors Deloitte and Butterfield.

Paul Simons, chief executive of Convex Bermuda, said the company is “thrilled to be supporting the 2024 Convex End to End again.

“Not only does the event raise huge amounts for local causes, it is always such a great community effort.

“Whether it’s walking, cycling, volunteering or just cheering people on, the atmosphere is fantastic.”

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Convex End-to-End Announce 2024 Charities

Hamilton, Bermuda, February 26th 2024: Organizers of the annual Convex End-to-End revealed the selected charities to benefit from this year’s event are WindReach, Transformational Living Centre, Raleigh International, Coalition for the Protection of Children and Action on Alzheimer’s and Dementia, with additional donations to be made to the Horticultural Skills Programme, St. John’s Ambulance and the top participating school.

A spokesperson said, “Organisers and sponsors of the 37th Annual Convex End-to-End gathered at the Hamilton Princess Hotel to announce the charity recipients of this year’s event, to be held on Saturday, April 27.

“The 2024 grant recipients are WindReach, Transformational Living Centre [TLC], Raleigh International, Coalition for the Protection of Children and Action on Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Additional donations will also be made to the Horticultural Skills Programme, St. John’s Ambulance and the top participating school.”

Anne Mello, chair of the Bermuda End-to-End Charitable Trust said, “Our 2024 charities are all well-known, reputable and addressing the pressing needs of the Bermuda community. Since its inception, the End-to-End Charitable Trust has donated over 6.7 million to local charities.”

Mrs. Mello continued, “The End-to-End’s charitable impact would not be possible without the support of our numerous sponsors, and in particular our third year Lead Sponsor, Convex and our Platinum Sponsors Deloitte and Butterfield.”

Paul Simons, CEO of Convex Bermuda said, “Convex is thrilled to be supporting the 2024 Convex End to End again. Not only does the event raise huge amounts for local causes, it is always such a great community effort. Whether it’s walking, cycling, volunteering or just cheering people on, the atmosphere is fantastic.”

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Walk Bermuda From End-to-End

A Spectacular Journey of Endurance and Community Spirit

In the heart of the Atlantic Ocean Bermuda lies as a small, yet vibrant island paradise. Renowned for its stunning pink sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich cultural heritage, this idyllic destination boasts not only breathtaking scenery but also a strong sense of community. Among the many events that highlight Bermuda’s unique spirit is the Bermuda End-to-End, a remarkable journey that combines physical endurance with a celebration of togetherness.

In this article, we explore the essence of this extraordinary event, exploring its history, significance, and the experience it offers to participants and spectators alike.

How it Started

The Convex Bermuda End-to-End, often referred to simply as the “End-to-End,” traces its roots back to 1988. What began as a small initiative to raise funds for local charities has since blossomed into one of Bermuda’s most beloved annual events. Over the years, the End-to-End has grown in scale and popularity, attracting participants from across the island and beyond.

The Route

The hallmark of the End-to-End is its iconic route, which spans the length of the island, stretching from one end to the other – a total of 24.1 miles starting in St George’s and ending in Dockyard. Participants have the option to walk or cycle their way through Bermuda’s diverse landscapes – from lush trails and tranquil coastal paths to local neighborhoods and many bridges.

Along the route, breathtaking vistas and historical landmarks serve as both inspiration and motivation for participants as they strive to complete their journey.

For those who want to participate but would prefer a less challenging course there is the option to sign up for the Middle-to-End, which starts in Hamilton and ends in Dockyard.

Community Spirit and Charitable Giving

At its core, the End-to-End is about more than just physical exertion; it’s about community spirit and giving back. Each year, thousands of participants come together to support a wide range of charitable organizations, raising funds and awareness for causes that touch the lives of Bermudians.

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Bermuda End-to-End Remembers Joan Dismont

When the first Bermuda End-to-End was announced back in 1988, Joan laced up her walking shoes and joined an event that she would continue to be part of for almost all of its thirty-six years history.  And while other participants showed up and walked, Joan showed up, walked and dazzled the crowds from St. George to Dockyard,   Her unwavering high spirits and good cheer throughout the day were a constant source of motivation for all of her fellow participants and was a delight for spectators, many who eagerly awaited her arrival along the route.

The Queen of the End-to-End, as she was affectionally known, waved to her many fans all day long, hugged her old and new friends along the route, posed for photos and danced her way across the Finish line, still arriving long before many other participants.

Joan wasn’t only an outstanding participant, she was also a top fundraiser, raising pledges at the time of the event and holding an annual Price is Right End-to-End fundraising dinner afterwards.  Her profound love of the Bermuda Community and support for the work of chosen charities each year was a great reminder for all of us to be actively involved in causes that resonate with our hearts.

The Bermuda End-to-End has lost a cherished friend who made an indelible mark on the event and whose legacy of dedication and commitment to positive change in our world will continue to inspire and guide us as we honour a remarkable woman.

Convex End-To-End Awards Over $200,000 to Charities

Hamilton, Bermuda, July 10th 2023 — Hamilton, Bermuda: The 2023 Convex End-to-End presented five charities with grants during an awards ceremony at Hamilton Princess to celebrate participants’ fundraising efforts and support from the event’s sponsors.

Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS), The Eliza DoLittle Society and Vision Bermuda all received $50,000 grants. Gina Spence Productions and the Skills Development Programme each received $25,000.

Bermuda High School was the recipient of $15,000 after winning the 2023 Deloitte School Award thanks to its students’ fundraising efforts.

Anne Mello, Chair of the End-to-End, said: “We are thrilled with the turnout and support for this year’s event, we had 2,500 participants from sailors and rowers to walkers and cyclists.

“Thanks to their fundraising efforts and the support of our sponsors we were able to donate $215,000 to local charities that are doing incredibly important work in our community.

“We would like to recognise and thank our sponsors for their exceptional support, without title sponsor Convex and platinum sponsors Butterfield and Deloitte the End-to-End would not be possible.”

Stephen Catlin, Chair, Convex, added: “The 2023 Convex End-to-End was yet again an enormously enjoyable experience. We saw the whole island come together, putting on a show of its generosity and community spirit. My gratitude goes out to all the volunteers, donors, and participants whose contributions make it possible for many great initiatives to flourish.”

2023 Convex End-to-End Awards:

  • 2023 Founder’s Trophy – Bethel AME Church Waterstop
  • 2023 Honorary End-to-Enders – Stephen Davidson, Denzil Nelson, Sîan Blackmore
  • Deloitte’s Top School Award – Bermuda High School
  • Best Water Stop – Deloitte
  • Volunteer of the Year – Warren Brown Stoneham
  • Team Spirit Award – X-Roads Warriors FC
  • Top Fundraising Team – FAC and friends


Prizes were also awarded to the Top Individual Fundraisers:

  • Ed Carye won an overnight stay in a suite and breakfast for two at the Hamilton Princess
  • Stephen Ruse won an overnight stay in a deluxe room plus breakfast for two at the Hamilton Princess
  • Orla Gregory received an Exhale Spa experience
  • Gold Club Top Fundraisers included: Holly Barany, Trystan Hocking, Paul O’Shea, Grace Butler, Paul Rawson, Claudia Richardson-Bothelo and Chris Burns


The 2024 Convex End-to-End will be held on Saturday, April 27th.

For more information, contact info@bermudaendtoend.bm or call 292-6992

Charities asked to submit applications to the Bermuda End-to-End

Charities are being asked to submit applications for funding from the 2023 Convex End-to-End event.

In 2023, funding will focus on the needs of the Bermuda community. The proceeds of our 2023 Convex End-to-End event will be used to fund non-sectarian Bermuda charitable programs, and/or operating expenses that will help to support and strengthen the Bermuda Railway Trail, our Bermuda community and our families.

The charities selected must comply with the regulations set out in the Charities Act 2014 of Bermuda and adhere to Non-Profit/Charitable industry standards.

Anne Mello, the End-to-End Board Chair, said: “We continue to seek charitable projects that contribute to a strong, healthy community. As well, the Bermuda End-to-End acts as a steward of the Bermuda Railway Trail.   Again for 2023, we are also committed to improve upon or maintain the park- our passageway across the island.  It’s our event home”.

In 2022, the Bermuda End-to-End donated $260,000 to the Bermuda National Trust, Inter-Agency Committee, the Ministry of Education and Transitional Community Services. To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the charity, a contribution of $1,000 each was given to 35 charities supported since 1987.

In 2023, four charities will be chosen as recipients.  The deadline for submission of proposals for consideration is October 31st, 2022.   Call 292-6992 with questions or email bermudaendtoendrfp@gmail.com.

Planning for the 36th Convex End-to-End has already started and the public is urged to again support the event  on Saturday, May 6, 2023.

Questions?   contact bermudaendtoendrfp@gmail.com or call 292-6992


Convex End-to-End Raises $260,000 for Local Charities

Wednesday, June 8th 2022 — Hamilton, Bermuda: It has been announced that the Bermuda End-to-End (ETE) Charitable Trust has distributed a total of $260,000 for local charities and a school as a result of their Convex End-to-End fundraising event.

The charity recently held its 2022 Awards Ceremony at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club to celebrate the outstanding fundraising efforts of its participants and support of their sponsors during the May 7th event. Thanks to their combined efforts, $70,000 has been donated to each of the 2022 charities: the Bermuda National Trust, Inter-Agency Committee and Transitional Community Services.

This fundraising distribution follows the organization’s donation of $1,000 each to 35 charities in Bermuda in April to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the End-to-End.

The event organizers also took the opportunity to award some of the hardest working fundraisers, participant teams and individuals, and dedicated volunteers for their efforts. In particular, Bermuda High School was awarded with the Deloitte’s Top School Award for their students’ contributions and recognized with a cheque for $15,000.

The full list of awards:

  • 2022 Founder’s Trophy – Gig Rowers (Paula Wight, Cindy Arruda, Holly Barany and Laura Lyons
  • 2022 Honorary End-to-Ender – David Goonewardene, from Warwick Academy
  • Deloitte’s Top School Award – Bermuda High School
  • Best Water Stop – Deloitte
  • Volunteer of the Year – Jacqueline Trott
  • Team Spirit Award – Bermuda Special Olympics
  • Top Corporate Team – Butterfield Bank
  • Top Fundraising Team – FAC and friends


Prizes were also awarded for the Top Individual Fundraisers:

  • Barbara Spiering, who won an overnight stay in a suite and breakfast for two at the Hamilton Princess
  • Ed Carye, who won an overnight stay in a deluxe room plus breakfast for two at the Hamilton Princess
  • Stephen Ruse, who received an Exhale Spa experience
  • Paula Wight, who will enjoy lunch for two at the Crown & Anchor Restaurant
  • Cynthia Arruda, Matt Paskin and Paul O’Shea were presented $100 Vineyard Vines gift cards
  • Quinn Gunther, Alan Hoes and Holy Barany were presented Gibbons gift cards
  • David Goonewardene received a one-month gym membership to Courthouse Gym.

Anne Mello, Chairperson of the End-to-End, said: ‘We were delighted to see so many people out on our trails and roads, exploring our island from end-to-end, joining family and friends for a day of fun and fundraising.   Their combined efforts have helped us to donate an incredible $260,000 to crucial community support programs. We also want to extend a huge “thank you” to our exceptional sponsors, in particular: Title Sponsor Convex and Platinum Sponsors Butterfield and Deloitte, without whom this event would not be possible.’

Stephen Catlin, chairman and CEO of Convex, said: “Taking part in the 2022 End-to-End

was a hugely rewarding experience and we watched the whole island come together to enjoy

an overdue day of fun with their friends, family, and the wider community. I am delighted that much deserved funds were raised for the chosen charities. The energy and enthusiasm of

everyone involved was outstanding and we greatly look forward to seeing what next year’s

Convex End-to-End will bring.”

In addition to celebrating this year’s event, the 2023 date for the Convex End to End was announced as May 6th, 2023.

For more information, contact info@bermudaendtoend.bm or call 335-4351.

The 35th Annual End-to-End Continues to Give Back to The Railway Trail

Published: April 18th, 2022,

Bermudian Magazine

Charity walkers making the long trek from east to west during the annual Convex End-to-End have always spent a good deal of time on the Railway Trail. The association between one of the island’s most popular fundraisers and its most-utilised national park is strong and long-established.

It is fitting then, that in the year of the 35th End-to-End, some of the money raised will be invested in three nature reserves on the route and accessible from the Trail. These beauty spots — the Rebecca Middleton, Sherwin and Gilbert nature reserves – are owned and maintained by the Bermuda National Trust (BNT).

The End-to-End has raised about $6.1 million for local charities, since the inaugural event in 1988. The target $50,000-plus donation for the reserves will mark the fourth time the event has funded Trail-related projects.

The BNT oversees 13 nature reserves and 277 acres, “a responsibility we don’t take lightly”, said BNT conservation officer Myles Darrell. “It takes a lot of time and money to make this possible, so we’re thankful we have sponsors like the Convex End-to-End,” he added. “This support will allow us to take on some issues that need to be addressed at the three nature reserves.

“We’ll be excited to remove some invasive species, inject more of our endemic species to make our green spaces more sustainable, and at the same time, make them more available for use. By having benches available at the Gilbert Nature Reserve, for example, walkers passing through can make good use of the space.”

Darrell added that the Railway Trail, which as a national park is overseen by the Parks Department, plays a key role in conservation and is sometimes referred to as an “Emerald Necklace”, because it connects a string of beautiful green spaces.

As a board member of Buy Back Bermuda, an organisation that purchases open spaces for conservation, Darrell said: “One of the key features we’re looking for is accessibility from the Railway Trail, because we know that is the conduit keeping our natural and open space – and, I would argue, our heritage – alive.”

He added: “It’s sad to think that our nature reserves are like living museums, where we’re seeing species that are not found anywhere else, in some cases. And Bermuda has quite a few of those, considering the size of our island.”

Stephen Davidson, who sits on the End-to-End’s Organising Committee, said the Trail’s great value to the community had only increased during the two years of the pandemic. “Bermuda is essentially suburban,” Davidson said. “The ability to get outside and away from roads is important. The Railway Trail is accessible to everyone.The End-to-End gets more people experiencing the Trail and we also want to help improve it – to give back to this linear park that is so much part of our event.

“The End-to-End gets more people experiencing the Trail and we also want to help improve it – to give back to this linear park that is so much part of our event.”

He added that there had been strong support over the years for putting more of the End-to-End route on the Trail, something that may become possible in future years after the bridge at Flatts is completed, opening up more of the North Shore part of the Trail to the event.

This year’s End-to-End, to take place on May 7, will feature a new title sponsor, Convex, the international re/insurance company. Corporate support is broad and substantial, with more than 50 local and international companies, including platinum sponsors Butterfield Bank and Deloitte, providing their backing.

Event costs are paid for by sponsors and entry fees, which enables every cent of the pledges raised by the walking, riding and swimming participants to go straight to the year’s selected charities. Along with the Railway Trail projects, the 2022 beneficiaries will be Transitional Community Services, which supports disenfranchised young men aged 18 to 34, as well as the Inter Agency Committee, which works with agencies serving children, families and the community with the aim of building social-sector capacity.

The End-to-End relies on hundreds of volunteers, of whom Davidson said: “You’ve got to have a sense of logistics and good humour to be involved!”

Support for the event runs deep in the community. As longtime supporter Davidson has seen the same families take part year after year. “People who were kids when I started out have grown up and are still involved,” he said. “There are not many places in the world you encounter that.”

Numbers this year are hard to predict. Davidson said: “In past years we’ve had as many as 3,000 – in the pandemic years it was in the hundreds. We hope there’s a sense in the community of waking up after the oppressiveness of Covid and that people will come out and enjoy Bermuda with us in support of these good causes.”

For more information about the Convex End-to-End, or to register, visit https://bermudaendtoend.bm .

Reception to Commemorate 35th ETE Event


On Friday April 29th the Bermuda End to End board hosted a reception to give away $1,000 each to 35 charities to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the ETE event.

End-to-End back with a buzz as electric car set to lead the way

Jonathan Bell

Royal Gazette

Published March 3rd, 2022

The Convex End-to-End celebrated a return to normality at its launch for this year’s event last night.

Organisers gathered with sponsors at the Hamilton Princess Hotel to announce the 35th Annual Convex End-to-End would be held on May 7 after the event was blighted by two years of Covid-19 restrictions.

Mandy Shailer, the End-to-End safety officer, added that favourites such as cycling, paddleboarding and the Fun Walk would return.

She said: “We are good to go.”

Ms Shailer added an electric vehicle to lead the way when participants set off at 7am from St George would be a new feature this year.

Ashley Stockwell, the chief marketing officer of Convex Insurance, said the firm’s inaugural sponsorship of the massive charity event was “a marriage made in heaven”.

The three charities that will benefit from fundraising from the event are the Inter Agency Committee for Children, Families and the CommunityTransitional Community Services and the Bermuda National Trust.

Weldon Wade, a new member of the End-to-End board, said they were“very influential and very needed charities”.

Anne Mello, chairwoman of the End-to-End Charitable Trust, said the IAC had taken the place of the Centre on Philanthropy, which closed at the end of 2019, as the umbrella body for Bermuda’s charity sector.

Transitional Community Services is dedicated to the welfare of men aged 18 to 34.

The BNT, which looks after reserves next to the Railway Trail, which is used for the End-to-End, will highlight its properties along the route to the West End.

Charles Jeffers II, the chief executive of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, welcomed the End-to-End’s “return to full fledged glory”.

Mr Jeffers said: “I want more visitors to experience this. I tell people all the time, when you come to Bermuda you need to experience Bermuda from the water and by walking – you see a completely different Bermuda.”